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Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. He likes to get I personally think TOPS are frauds. We're frauds until you got you legs in the air taking a good pounding, then you're loving us. Sorry if you put your dick in a poopy butthole, you're gay. Funny, we're hearing from Tops A lot of dudes think this. They can call it a kumquat, but that won't make it so.

Glad not to be you, pitiful, pathetic mental case R What "straight" guy uses the term "total top"? Were those his words, OP? I'm with R It's a quick fantasy, being the total dominant guy and being worshiped. OP, you can be gay and in denial about it. Ponder that. Most "total tops" won't suck a dick, etc are psycho in my experience. R7 makes sense. And is turning me on. I just bought some tops at Macy's. Nothing looks gay about them, and they fit nice!

Being a top or bottom is irrelevant to whether you have a primarily same sex attraction. I wouldn't have dick to do with R I think R37 is just an excerpt from a particularly boring Nifty story. I've noticed that in some porn. It's okay, R Lucky for me, demand outstrips supply for hung tops. Whoever thought up the term hetro and homo sexual did us all a disservice.

Plenty of straight men enjoy getting pegged, but they'd never claim to be gay. Guys in Greece think this way, too: Go figure. Totally agree with you, R Is that what you are, R43 R47 R48 et al, a "thug" top? And that's where I stopped reading: I assumed the straight co-worker was female, and a fag hag. This never happened. Believe what you want. HE said it. HE 'dishes' A lot. HE is a married, straight guy and is obsessed with the gay sex.

HE is the confidant of the aforementioned "Top".

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R47 hit it right on the head by calling it a fetish. I couldn't agree more. Whatevs OP. Not buying it. And yet he's very straight and butch!!!

Top, bottom and versatile

Believe it or NOT! Actually, not far from the truth, R He can be very "camp" his term - he's British. We laugh at work because the rest of us often say that he's the gayest one in the office. But alas - he is straight, and married to a very hot woman. Nothing to buy, R This was our discussion. Deflect all you want. This is a thread for pre-Stonewall gays. R73, but people aren't flashlights. R69 the This never happened troll is the most tedious and tiresome of trolls. Sad, really.

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I think R73 meant "fleshlights". A thread about a guy who got mad at his trick for wanting a fresh towel? Bring it on. R80, did you even read R78? Office life has gotten so seamy.

Turkey meatballs!!!!!!! I just need to reinforce the fact that both the OP and his friend are fucking idiots. How ridiculous. I'm top and I'm definitely gay. Oh and I kiss too. I'm THE top. Well, R89, as we all know - it's because women don't know how to give a decent blowjob. He's right. Actually, he is. R93 sounds like the perfect top. You don't fit the description, R94, that OP is talking about. Death to these worthless sacks. Most tops are just fraidy cats about HIV who are too cheap to get Truvada. Fucking assholes by name, fucking assholes by nature.

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I'd date R Then what the fuck would you call them? Gay adjacent?


Total tops rock, bro! Tops aren't gay and bottoms are all femme. Let's generalize, shall we? R, men like that are incredibly rare and incredibly HOT!!! Six Degrees of Gaiety.

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  6. R, I'm a top and I'm not bisexual. No, bottoms aren't gay. Actually, I have little respect for total tops, they are sissies that just can't take it. I admire them. Italians can be included in that group r You can ever suck penis and not be gay, dude. No way bro. In most the world, they are not. Are total tops bisexual? All these years I was sure I was gay. What a fool I've been. If they have sex with a man then they're bisexual, or even gay. They're not Gay and they're fuck everything. I personally think OP is a fraud. OP is either a troll, or just utterly stupid.

    A lot people agree with Op. Dude, I will never bottom or suck dick. But I will let a hot dude blow me. They are bi. I'm a top Kinsey 6. There's a big difference between wanting to top a male and wanting to top a female. NOT gay if he pretends the bottom is a girl. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: Underwood, Gay Men and anal eroticism: Sexuality portal LGBT portal. Gay men and anal eroticism: Psychology Press.


    Retrieved Retrieved 24 July Document Journal. Retrieved September 5, Retrieved on Davies; Ford C. Hickson; Peter Weatherburn; Andrew J. Hunt 31 October Scientific American. Archived from the original on Journal of Sex Research. Smith, David W. Seal; Seal Archives of Sexual Behavior. Gay Macho: The Life and Death of the homosexual Clone.

    New York: New York University Press. The gay report: Lesbians and gay men speak out about sexual experiences and lifestyles. Tom of Finland: Staying Safe While Topping or Bottoming". HIV Plus Magazine. Dossie Easton, Janet W. The New Topping Book. I eat ass and I love my ass eaten. Does that make me vers? How about everyone just shut up about all these stupid labels and divisions and just be people. Total tops may be pricks but those pricks keep us bottoms happy. Marveling at my privileged fingers I have them!

    Ah, the privilege! Maybe this arises from their meeting via apps instead of in person. In the past, meeting in person led to more spontaneous actions that were not talked about much, and obviously not written down ahead of time. On apps they tend to define their sex lives pretty strictly in print often in excruciatingly fine detail! Too many young gays let porn and TV do their thinking for them.

    Gay spaces are disappearing because gays now meet and interact online more often than offline. Granted, I live in a smallish city a few hours from LA. The only gay men I really interact with outside of hookups is a closeted bi friend, my boyfriend, and some of his gay friends. There was a time back in the day under the old management when this site would poke fun of such cringy arrant nonsense. Seriously, this pernicious nonsense does more harm to young gays coming to terms with their sexuality than a lot of homophobia. At least the homophobia is obviously hateful and discriminatory; this is just nasty.

    Gay media, gay television, gay movies, all portray and sell a narrative of femininity as the ideal for gay men. Yet the majority of gay men claim they want a masculine man? I think that old paradigm of separating men who lean towards women, and men who lean towards men, is beginning to die a much deserved death. It was never right for society to separate a subgroup of men from their brothers, and instill fear, hatred and loathing into the larger group that leans towards women. It destroyed intimate friendships between these men to the point where if they went off with just their buddy s for the weekend, or out to dinner, or on a vacation, or gasp!

    They fall into this separation paradigm, hook, line and sinker. I look at them now, after many years of observation, as complete sheep, lemmings, all being led to the cliff to jump off. Nothing more, nothing less. I have no use for it, or them.

    TOPS Aren't GAY

    Dear Queerty: It may be good for clickbait. No, but perhaps the other gays and straights I met back then deserve one. The day I accepted that I was attracted to boys, I accepted that nothing I did in bed was going to make me any more or less queer.